Mark Coffman's Team 

We are here to serve you by answering your questions and assisting you in a friendly, courteous manner as you navigate through the mortgage loan process.

We understand that you have many mortgage consultant options and are prepared to earn your long term trust.

We are confident that you will quickly see how commited we are to making sure you select the right loan option for your specific situation.

Please call our Newark, Delaware office at 302-368-7050 Ext. 101 or contact one of our team members directly using the information below.


Mark Coffman, Senior Loan Officer

My Name Is Mark Coffman And The Following Is What I'm Known For:

I love real estate and strategizing with my clients to help them meet their goals. With more than 20 years in the finance industry, my goal is to make the home buying experience easy and stress-free for my clients.

I know that home ownership is not the only thing on their minds.  I travel, sail, have lots of hobbies, have a family of my own.  I realize that my clients have goals and dreams of home ownership but not at the expense of life.  I help my clients achieve their goals and lifestyle.

Who Do I Help:

All real estate owners and buyers in the tri-state area who want the best rates, superior service and a knowledgable advisor to help them navigate through the home financing process.

Real estate professionals who want to grow their business and showcase their properties with the latest marketing and technology available to the real estate market.

This Is How I Help Home Owners and Buyers:

My team works with each client to determine the best financing package for their scenario taking into account, not only the impact of the loan on their finances today, but 5 and 15 years down the line.

Our exclusive "Rate Floatdown" option guarantees that our clients get the absolute best rate even after their rate is protected with a lock. We do this by allowing them to "floatdown" to a lower rate if the market rate goes down prior to their closing.

This Is How We Help Real Estate Professionals:

Our team loves working with Realtors to help them build their business with video marketing, advanced listing presentations, and social media training, just to mention a few. To get more information about how we can help you, call us directly today at 302-894-0214.

Stephanie Cunningham, Senior Team Partner/Marketing 

Stephanie has taken Mark’s marketing efforts to a whole new level.  She makes sure issues are resolved in a timely manner with the least amount of difficulty.  At the same time, she coordinates and manages our databases.


2100 Drummond Plaza, Bldg 2 , Newark, Delaware, 19711
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